Below is an excerpt of an article published in Construction Executive on May 11, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created opportunities for retrofitting new, flexible layouts in existing health care facilities and in existing commercial premises (e.g., office, retail and restaurant) where there is new community demand for an urgent care or drive-thru clinic.

Health care providers altering their design and construction desire to move quickly. They are understandably anxious to accommodate existing and new patients in this “new normal” of unpredictable demand surges, implementing flexible, varying circulation and workflow configurations.

However, the need to ensure an opportunity for planning and reflection is particularly important for a heavily regulated project such as health care construction. Not only must the design and construction meet the requirements of the local buildings department, but additional life safety and other patient-centered protective features must comply with federal regulations and referenced guidelines, as well as additional, state-mandated regulations. Read the article.