Gregory Faulkner

Gregory Faulkner

Greg has served as local, national, and international counsel in all aspects of construction law. He also has an active higher education practice, representing the interests of colleges and universities and other institutions of learning with regard to their unique building and facilities program needs. He delivers a full-service approach to his practice, including selection of project delivery; preparation of bid documents, RFPs, and RFQs; contract drafting and negotiations; litigation in federal and state courts; and arbitration and mediation of all types of disputes. Read his full bio here.

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Robinson+Cole Among The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™

Robinson+Cole’s Construction Group has been ranked #35 in the second annual The Top 50 Construction Law Firms™ list published by Construction Executive magazine on June 19, 2020. “We are honored to receive this ranking and be listed among the top 50 firms in the country,” said Robinson+Cole Construction Group Chair Gregory R. Faulkner. “Being ranked … Continue Reading

Construction Group Projects

In recent months, Robinson+Cole’s construction lawyers have worked across the country on many significant and unique projects worth billions of dollars in construction value. Our clients are owners, designers, and contractors, and we advised them on all aspects of these projects, from the earliest stages of project delivery selection to the ribbon cutting. This work … Continue Reading

Twenty-Five Years in the Construction Industry—We’ve Come a Long Way Baby, or Have We?

In November 1989, I was a second year law student interviewing with firms in Connecticut and New York for a summer associate position.  During the Thanksgiving Holiday, I scheduled an interview with a small firm in New Haven.  The firm’s primary area of practice was construction litigation. I had no idea what “construction litigation” entailed, … Continue Reading

Limitations of Liability – Scenario 3: Pay if Paid and Flow Through Clauses

I suppose that it is apropos that I have been delayed in writing this  final piece in the four-part Limitations of Liability series, relating to subcontract pay if paid and flow through clauses.  Being more than one step removed from a project’s funding source, subcontractors are used to being dealt with last, and only after … Continue Reading

Limitations of Liability— Scenario Two: No Damages for Delay Clauses

This is the third post in the four-part series “Limitations of Liability—The Elephant in the Room.” Owners often attempt to limit their liability to contractors through what is commonly known in the construction industry as a “no damages for delays” clause.  Much like waivers of consequential damages, a “no damages for delays” clause, which limits … Continue Reading

Limitations of liability—Scenario One: Waivers of Consequential Damages

This is the second post in the four-part series “Limitations of liability—The Elephant in the Room.” Waivers of consequential damages have become the industry standard, and these clauses are found in most industry templates.  Let’s pick on the AIA form, since it’s still the most commonly used on commercial construction projects.  The AIA A201 General Conditions, … Continue Reading

Giving Back on the Construction Site

I am incredibly grateful for all that our group has achieved as a construction practice, thanks in large measure to the support of the construction industry and the community in which we do business. It has been an R+C tradition to acknowledge our place in the community and in the industry to which we provide … Continue Reading

War (and Construction Scheduling) is Hell?

On February 26, 2015, Roy Cooper of Arcadis and I reprised our popular Workshop for the University of Hartford’s Construction Institute, “Managing Legal Exposures.”  One of the slides in our presentation  quotes a wise jurist on the subject of construction project scheduling: Except in the middle of a battlefield, nowhere must men coordinate the movement … Continue Reading