Jonathan Hausner

Jonathan Hausner

Jonathan primarily focuses his practice on the representation of public and private owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and construction sureties and handles all aspects of construction project consultation and construction litigation. He is the legislative affairs liaison for the New England Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America. Read his full bio here.

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Looking Forward: A workman’s view of the construction business and the practice of construction law.

A few weeks back my colleague, mentor and friend Greg Faulkner wrote a post here that looked back on his 25 years as a construction lawyer.  It was a very thoughtful piece and frankly I think it was one of the best legal blog posts I have read.  You can access it here: As … Continue Reading

Yet Another Trap for the Unwary : Forum Selection – Don’t Get Dragged Across the Country

Recently I came across an article that led me to a case that dealt with the seemingly innocuous and often perfunctory forum selection clause.  In the case (Liddell Bros. v. Impact Recovery Sys., 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 36258 (D. Mass. Mar. 21, 2016)) a highway Massachusetts contractor’s lawsuit (arising out of a Massachusetts project) against … Continue Reading

The Massachusetts Retainage Act: A Game-Changer for the Construction Industry?

The private construction game has very recently changed in Massachusetts. Late last year, the new Massachusetts Retainage law took effect. The new law applies to certain private construction contracts executed after November 6, 2014, and impacts not just the amount of retainage that a construction stakeholder may withhold, but also mandates some very specific processes related … Continue Reading