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Arbitrators Have Inherent Authority To Award Punitive Damages

In RV V Lockworks, LLC v. Five Yale & Towne, LLC, 2016 Conn. Super. LEXIS 563 (Conn. Super. Ct. Mar. 16, 2016) an arbitrator awarded punitive damages to the purchaser of a newly-constructed 300-unit apartment complex when it was discovered that the seller had intentionally concealed knowledge of the fact that all 300 balconies attached … Continue Reading

Connecticut’s Construction State-of-the-State & Jet Engines

Great news: the State of the State in Connecticut is optimistic! There are many new State construction projects on the horizon, and Connecticut will be building in the coming years. The Construction Institute recently hosted its 20th annual State of the State event at Pratt & Whitney’s Hangar Museum. (If you have never been, Pratt … Continue Reading