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Marty counsels his clients on construction contracts and disputes involving a wide range of public and private settings, including education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, energy, hospitality, industrial, and residential projects. With education and experience in both architecture and law, he brings a unique perspective and practical understanding to the construction industry clients he represents. Read his full bio here.

As the recession recedes, courts are busy sifting through the remnants of construction projects that were impacted by the hard times we all faced.  Shady deals and disreputable conduct often come to light in times like this, and can present opportunities for judges to hold bad actors personally accountable for unscrupulous behavior, under the right circumstances.  Two recent cases in Connecticut illustrate how the creation of business entities don’t always shield their owners from liability for egregious conduct.

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A post about a remarkable technological leap in the construction industry would hardly be news. The advances we’ve witnessed over the last few decades have been (and continue to be) revolutionary. But some steps ‘forward’ serve as reminders that critical sectors of the industry have a long way to go.

Connecticut recently adopted revised regulations

A bill is wending its way through the Connecticut Legislature that would encourage greater participation by minority contractors on public works projects. The bill, Senate Bill 830, would require that by October 2015 the Department of Administrative Services create a new surety bond guarantee program for emerging contractors. “Emerging contractors” is politispeak for minority-owned