Nadine Ebersole

Nadine Ebersole

Nadine handles all construction-related transactions and litigation matters. She has worked in the legal department of a national construction company, and at Robinson+Cole, she handles all construction-related transactions and litigation matters. Nadine reviews, writes, and negotiates all design, construction and project management related contracts for clients in the public and private sectors. In addition, if any dispute arises between parties on a project, such as claims of defects or delays, she provides alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation and arbitration. Read her full bio here.

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What’s Next for the Winthrop Square Development Project?

On July 28, 2017 Governor Baker approved a home rule petition proposed by Mayor Walsh which changed a Massachusetts law so that a skyscraper could be built over the Winthrop Square garage in Boston, Massachusetts. Obtaining the Governor’s approval of House Bill 3749 was a tremendous challenge that the developer, Millennium Partners has now overcome … Continue Reading

Amended Ordinance Expands Boston Residents Job Policy for Certain Projects in the City of Boston and Provides for Sanctions Against Non Complying Developers or Contractors — Effective January 25, 2017

In response to the third largest construction boom in Boston’s history, on November 28, 2016 Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced a proposal to increase employment standards for the Boston Residents Jobs Policy (“BRJP”) and Boston Employment Commission (“BEC”).[1] These proposed amendments are part of Mayor Walsh’s commitment to promote economic development for Boston residents, persons … Continue Reading